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In my treatment room I can provide you with a more balanced life state and Release The Stress. I have been providing Reiki and Psychic Development Circles for over 20 years, which enables me to work on a higher frequency. 

In my purpose built treatment room, balanced with crystals and adorned with statues and symbols from around the globe, it shows the diversity of my skills.

Working with my guides I am able to tap into deep rooted issues that can be on a physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual level. I can rebalance your body, mind and soul using the techniques and skills I have honed over the years of helping others.
Past Life Regression
Each soul holds memories and perceptions of many past lives, these images play an important part in shaping who we are today. Undergoing pastlife regression can bring about positive changes in your present life by releasing repressed material from former lives.


Soul Cleanse

This is a process to cleanse your aura from negative attachments and energies. These negative vibrations will cause disruption and inconvience to your day-to-day life. This is a non invasive therapy to rebalance your inner self and energy field. This can be performed either as a one to one session or remotely, which is proving to be a popular choice
of my International clients.
By going beyond the reknowned Seven Chakras and ascending to the Twelve Chakras I can take the more awakened to a higher, deeper, meditation. Working 1-2-1the journey will help you to keep your mind and body steady in the light. This means keeping your mind focused on your soul purpose and retracting from life's continual distractions.
Your own ascension path starts when you own your personal power, and see every person, animal, plant and mineral as an incarnation of the eternal self.
Mindfulness meditation uses various techniques to bring your attention to the present moment. Join our meditation group to bring your attention home to your body . This helps you create a space between you and your thoughts, providing clarity to think clearly and calmly in even the most intense situations.
By focusing on the present moment you are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past.
Release the stress and increase your happiness with Mindfulness Meditation.
Reiki Healing
Reiki provides you with an ancient technique of hands on healing for stress release, both mental and physical, and can aid recovery by balancing your Spiritual, emotional and physical self. During a Reiki treatment the practioners hands will often heat up as a result of the Reiki energy flowing. The sensation of relaxation envelops you as the life force energy triggers the natural healing process.
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