Welcome to Release The Stress

In my treatment room I can provide you with a more balanced life state and Release The Stress. I have been providing Reiki and Psychic Development Circles for over 20 years, alongside being a fully certified Ascension teacher which enables me to work on a higher frequency. 

In my purpose built treatment room, balanced with crystals and adorned with statues and symbols from around the globe, it shows the diversity of my skills.

Working with my guides I am able to tap into deep rooted issues that can be on a physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual level. I can rebalance your body, mind and soul using the techniques and skills I have honed over the years of helping others.

Looking to the future? I can help you clear old, negative patterns which have been blocking you moving forward in your life state.

Want to understand the past? Using Past Life Regression I can help you see the patterns that you have brought forward into this life from past lives. We can then set goals to overcome your current issues.

Suffering pain, anxiety or depression? Using Reiki is a soothing, gentle, energy enhancing experience that will rebalance your energy centres and improve your feeling of wellbeing.

Want to learn? I have 3 options available to you:
  • Through my active development circles you can learn life enhancing meditation techniques and understand, through development, your Spiritual self.
  • I am a fully qualified Reiki Master and Teacher, running courses throughout the year
  • As an Ascension teacher, through the diana cooper foundation, workshops and coaching sessions are a great way to raise your vibration and grow your skills.

Please feel free to contact me to talk through how I can help you "Release The Stress"

Peace, Love and Joy.